Disrupt or be disrupted. Trends like digitalization, electrification, autonomous driving and shared mobility are challenging all players in the field of mobility. AVIMO Consulting offers an integrated set of services to define the optimal strategy and business model based on in-depth research & development competencies. Following the lean start-up approach, we thrive to build products that “customers want”. Our services further include the effective execution including the design of lean operations and setting the right measures to communicate and scale the business model.


Our core competences include shared mobility offers like traditional carsharing, peer-to-peer carsharing and ridesharing. The effective design of public transport services including intermodal mobility solutions is among our expertise. Further more, AVIMO Consulting has in depth practical experiences with the market introduction of electric vehicles and the user experience. Of course, all strategic considerations are influenced by our R&D competencies in terms of autonomous driving.


AVIMO Consulting has developed and executed various innovative projects in the field of mobility. Next to practical experience, comprehensive research projects were performed providing deep insights into trends and customer needs.


The company AVIMO Consulting is an association of highly qualified experts from the fields of mobility, digitalization and marketing. We are tied together by the common vision of making a meaningful contribution for companies and society by developing innovative and sustainable mobility solutions.

Depending on the requirements of the project or venture, the optimal team is built. The experts of AVIMO Consulting have in-depth experience in the following fields:

  • Research (Transportation, Sustainability, Customer Acceptance, Autonomous Vehicles)
  • Shared Mobility (Carsharing, Ridesharing, Taxi Services)
  • Project Management (PMI Professional)
  • Lean Startup (Design Thinking, Business Canvas, Business Model Generation)
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Web Development & Cyber Security
  • Organizational Development
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Blockchain

AVIMO Consulting has been founded by Dr. Volker Amann. He recently finished his dissertation about the topic of Peer-to-Peer Carsharing at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Dr. Volker Amann has worked for several years in the automotive industry and in consultancy. Through his career, he was passionate about the design and implementation of innovative products and services, especially in the field of mobility.